Who is Kimye?

Apparently just two human beings getting married
But for some reason attracts more national attention
Then the 7 college students who were murdered
Last night by a 22-year-old virgin.

A man who declared he would ‘slaughter’ every ‘blonde slut’
He sees at UCSB
Blaming the female population for his inabilities
To fulfill his sexual fantasies.

The male’s ownership over the female body
Failed this man, women are just a product
to be torn up and thrown away
When the outcome doesn’t go his way.

The news spends 30 minutes covering
Kim’s wedding dress, and the guest list.
When we should be having a national discussion
About rape culture repercussions.

7 families will have a missing plate
Around the table during the next holidays.
But as long as the Kardashian’s have a show,
The deranged killers will come and go.

a poem I wrote for my creative writing class the day after the UCSB massacre (via holy-cartaa)

This is the real business. 💜🙋🙏✌️